Everything you should know about a flip flap

 flip flap solar von www.flip-flap-solar.com A flip flap is 'living' exclusively from solar energy.

A solar cell in the pot delivers all the energy for a flip flap's life.

As soon as the flip flap meets sufficient daylight on the solar cells it starts itself moving the two leaves gently up and down and the flower moves right and left.

The beginning

Putting the flip flap into operation is easy: unpack it and on on the underside switch the button on "move". Immediatly the flip flap will feel comfortable and start moving - a magic moment!

Energy supply

A flip flap will never need a battery. Even after years the solar power will move the flip flap like in the beginning.. You don't have to give them water or fertilizer and even during long holidays you do not have to look after your flip flap. At your return the flip flap will bring a smile to your face by gently waving with its leaves.

flip flap forever

There is nothing to raplace, nothing to rapair and nothing to add!

Here you will get your own flip flap!