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What is a flip flap?

A flip flap is a solar powered flower, that gently moves the leaves and the flower as soon as gets a bit of sunshine.

Does a flip flap need care?

No. flip flap is completely maintenance-free.
No water, no earth, no batteries and no care!

Does a flip flap need electricity or batteries?

No. A flip flap has no batteries and must never be charged either. If light falls on the solar cell, it moves. If it's dark, then it makes a pause till the other morning - and will restart waving itself!

Do I have to assemble my flip flap or is there something to install?

No. Just unpack the flip flap, put the button on the bottom to "move" and your flip flap will start "living":

Do flip flaps have an expiration date?

No. If you do not break your flip flap it will work as long as the sun will shine on earth - and every single day it will make you smile ...

May I order my preferred colour?

Sorry, but that is not possible.
Please understand that for the best price we cannot take care of the colours and we will send you a random colour. These (pot) colours are available:
  • red (with a reddish flower)
  • orange (with a white flower)
  • green (with a white flower)
  • blue (with a reddish flower)
  • pink (with a white flower)
All colours can be seen at pics oder video

Are there consumables?

No. A flip flaps will live and grow "as it is" - without any consumables.

Does a flip flap make noise or pollution?

No. Flip flaps are abolutly quiet and there are no emissions at all. They even do not need batteries or any other fuel.

How are flip flaps shipped?

Each flip flap is within a protective plastic packing and it will be delivered by mail in this protection packing and a stable mailing carton around it.

Where can I place flip flaps?

In general you should only take care that your flip flap has sufficient daylight, so that it moves during the day. A flip flap can be placed in the living room, the kitchen and of course in a child's room.

Many flip flaps are seen in offices on desks and in meeting locations. They give a positive atmosphere and brings a smile to visitors faces - what makes negotiations easier and meetings more friendly.

flip flap as a present - what about that?

Obviously flip flaps are perfect presents - not only for children. But flip-flap-solar.com will always ship to the postal adress given by credit-card, PayPal or invoice.

Where does my flip flap come from?

Your flip flap will always be sent from Austria.
Ususally you should receive your flip fliap within 3 - 5 days after payment is received.

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